List of committee member and contact email address

Chairman : Tina Paramore – I have been interested in astronomy all my life, but only been able to get into it more seriously in the last few years. My main interest is imaging, deep sky and solar, but I am still very much a novice on the subject. I have joined the NSAS imaging group, which provides excellent help and support in getting me on the right track of taking some decent images.

Vice Chairman : Derek Myatt – I have been interested in Astronomy since the age of about 12 but only returned to the hobby, more seriously, in the past few years. My main interest was observing using binoculars and more recently with telescopes, however in the last year my interest has moved on to imaging of planets and deep sky objects.
I have found that many of the Society members are very knowledgeable and keen to pass on their experience to other members, which is very helpful.
As Vice Chairman I would like to promote the Society better and increase the membership.

Secretary : Duncan Richardson

I have been interested in astronomy since I was at school but only developed a keener interest after leaving school and purchasing a telescope.

I now have several scopes and I like to take images of lots of astronomical objects but still like wide-field images too. I hope to build a home observatory soon.

Events Coordinator  : Laura Geheb

My curiosity into astrophysics and astronomy stemmed from when I was very young. I can remember my father brought me a book on the constellations and I was absolutely mesmerised with it. However, it was only fairly recently that I brought my very first telescope and began to pursue the interest in more depth. Although I enjoy using my scope, my interests seem to have shifted more towards astrophysics, and the more I read, the more questions I have. This is why you may well find me at more of the meetings (for the ever so intriguing talks!) over the technical sessions. The NSAS are a brilliant and diverse group of helpful and welcoming people and I feel super glad to have stumbled upon them!

Treasurer : David Martland

Multimedia Officer : Winnie Rayner

I always have great interest on Science and mystery of the universe, especially matters relating to aliens, and I find the astrophotography pictures are fascinating.  I decided to take on astronomy hobby seriously after I attended NSAS Astronomy Stargazing at Millennium Green event at Audley Community Centre recently and Duncan has inspired me to purchase a refractor to begin my astronomy journey.  I hope I can use my academic and technical backgrounds from other fields to carry out various research and record my learning process by getting more involvement with the club within the remit of the Multimedia Officer Role. I manage to stretch myself out of my comfort zone as I slowly get to know the Club. We have a bunch of friendly and helpful members which I haven’t experienced in my other hobbies/ventures.