NSAS Solar Scope


The Coronado Solar Telescope, Serial No: 110214, is available for rental by full members of the North Staffordshire Astronomical Society. Reservations are on first come first served basis and may be made in advance by adding your name to the rentals list at a general meeting or by contacting the Society’s secretary.

The period of rental is approximately one month from the Society’s general meeting to the following general meeting, or if other arrangements can be accommodated.  

The rental is free, but a deposit of £25 is required on collection of the scope.  The deposit is refunded when the telescope is returned on time and undamaged.

If the individual renting the scope is unable to attend the meeting for the scheduled return of the telescope, alternate arrangements must be made by contacting the Society’s secretary or another committee member prior to the day of the meeting.

The person renting the solar scope accepts all responsibilities for proper transportation and storage of the telescope during the rental period, and accepts responsibility of damage to rental equipment, which is incurred during the rental period. Cost for replacement or repair of damage will be assessed as appropriate. If there are any problems with the equipment, please contact the Society’s secretary. It is up to the person renting the solar scope to provide their own eyepieces and ancillaries.


Please DO NOT attempt to clean any optics.

Please do NEVER look at the sun without adequate equipment/protection, as this can result in permanent damage to your eyes or even blindness. The person renting the solar scope is conducting all observations entirely at their own risk and is responsible to ensure safe use of the instrument.

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