Professor Rob Jeffries

Honorary President – North Staffordshire Astronomical Society

Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Keele.

Professor Jeffries is part of the Astrophysics Group, which is part of the Research Institute of the Environment, Physical Sciences and Applied Mathematics (EPSAM).

He also teaches on the Physics and Astrophysics principal undergraduate degree programs at Keele, visits schools and colleges with a portable planetarium and runs an Astrophysics discussion group at Keele Observatory.

His research investigates the early lives of sun-like and lower mass stars at ages from when they emerge from using ground based and satellite observatories such as the ESO VLT, the William Herschel, Spitzerand XMM-Newton telescopes He observes young stellar clusters and tests theories for the formation and evolution of stars and their planetary systems from their birth sites at ages of 1 million years until they reach the Hydrogen-burning main sequence at 10-100 million years. The goal is to understand whether our solar system is an “ordinary” outcome of the star and planetary formation process and sample the diversity of circumstellar environments during the epoch of planet formation.

Professor Jeffries also teaches on undergraduate course in Physics and Astrophysics at Keele and also is very active in public outreach.

In his spare time and holidays he spends his time climbing mountains in Scotland. Which usually involves nothing more than perspiration, stamina and withstanding the attentions of the Scottish midge. However he says that he climbs in all seasons, and in winter, the Scottish mountains are a serious proposition, with the weather varying between alpine and artic in a single day.

“I regard it as something of an honour to take this role and hope it can lead to continued and enhanced interaction between the North Staffordshire Astronomical Society and Keele astrophysics group and observatory”

Professor Rob Jeffries